The 2014 Awards are now closed – view list of 2014 results

All the successful work is published in the 2014 Awards Book

The ISTD International Typographic Awards are held to celebrate and appraise standards of excellence in typographic design, and are judged by some of today’s leading graphic, interactive and typographic design specialists, chosen to reflect a diversity of expertise within the design industry.

The Awards are the only scheme that specifically assesses the typographic element of projects from a wide range of design disciplines. Entries are invited from around the world, from designers who have used typography as an integral part of their design solution. There are three categories of award:

Certificate of Excellence
The work eligible for a Certificate of Excellence shows a high standard of design in conjunction with a high standard of typography, the criteria being that excellent typography is an intrinsic element of the overall design solution.

Premier Award
Awarded to designers of outstanding submissions, Premier Awards are offered for work that has not only met the criteria for the award of a Certificate of Excellence, but which is also considered outstanding by a majority of the jurors.

The ISTD International Typographic Award
An overall award may be given by the jurors, selected from all the Premier Awards, judged to be a significant typographic achievement exemplifying excellence.

About the judging process…
During the first stage, entries are nominated to receive Certificates of Excellence. From these nominations, outstanding entries are then selected for Premier Awards. The judges are not limited in the number of Awards they can give – equally, they do not have to nominate an overall winner.

The ISTD Typographic Awards are held every three years – the next Awards will be held in 2017.