2020 Student Briefs

2020 Student Briefs

The new ISTD briefs launched October 2019 for the 2020 Assessment.

Through its highly acclaimed Assessment scheme, ISTD engages with universities and institutions across the globe to raise the profile of typography in design education. Our goal is to give both tutors and students the opportunity to explore and develop typography as an inherent part of the design process and thus bring the typographic gesture to the forefront of their design education.

ISTD’s briefs continue to innovate and challenge.
Our practice is based upon the printed word but now embraces the gamut of media and technologies that we communicate with. Accordingly, we have progressively written our student project briefs for interpretation through a range of media. How and where we use the written word brings new issues, and also new opportunities to test our skills. First and foremost we are communicators skilfully utilising design to inform, persuade and delight. This makes each project a more demanding yet stimulating exercise.

Providing contrasting subjects and media.
The 2020 briefs offer a range of challenges for students to flex their typographic muscle. We are delighted that Monotype is our project partner for the Assessment this year and they have provided a brief written by UK Type Director, Tom Foley.

Registration for the 2020 Assessment
The online platform for the ISTD Assessment is here. Tutors who have previously entered student work in 2019 do not need to reregister. Just log in and enter your new students' details. Registration for the 2020 Assessment will be open towards the end of November 2019, after this current year’s assessment in Australasia rounds off the 2019 cycle.

If you are new to the assessment, please register on the platform and email to be put on the mailing list. Meanwhile, we invite you to download and start work on the 2020 briefs.

Jill Spratt MISTD
ISTD Head of Education