Typographic 59

TypoGraphic 59

Visual grammar

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TypoGraphic 59 – Visual grammar – Back to type
Designed by Lucienne Roberts, sans+baum. Edited by David Jury

Articles included in this issue:
Mr Smith – Smith’s rules
Jean-François Porchez – L’Ambroise en détails
Clive Chizlett/Sheila Torrens – Make no mistake
Phil Baines/Catherine Dixon – Exploring context
Phil Abel – Kerns and spaces
Evert Bloemsma – Stillness, balance and advancement
Ian Chilvers – One way?
Nicky Barneby – Rules of composition

If the quality of normal, everyday living is considered important then typography must
be as worthy of study as language itself. This issue explores the visual grammar
employed by the typographer to achieve this generally self-effacing, social function.