Typographic 60
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TypoGraphic 60

Primal typography

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TypoGraphic 60 – Primal typography
Designed by A2–Graphics/SW/HK, edited by David Jury

Articles included in this issue:
Walter Tracy – Composing room days
Tiffany Turkington – De(sign)ing design: informal design from a Southern African cultural perspective
Susanne Edwards/Julia Lockheart/Maziar Raein – Setting the scene for a debate in graphic design education: the function of old and new technologies in the teaching of typography
John Ellis – El Carnaval de la Tipografia: The enigma of the Havana cigar-box
John Grice – Metal typesetting by Gloucester Typesetting Services
John Kortbaoui – Arabic typography: a brief history 

The conventions by which typographers are still bound were, to an enormous degree,
formed by the primal technology of letterpress and it is inconceivable that typography
will stray far from what letterpress has made it. This, and other primal printing
developments provide the theme of this multi-award-winning issue of TypoGraphic.