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typedirectors12 minutes

Sept 26 in NYC! Come to TDC for a behind-the-scenes roundtable with @debbiemillman and artists @edelstudio and… https://t.co/IzDHDqRxSp

tonyplcc29 minutes ago

Lost in translation @malarkeypalaver https://t.co/rMNtIKnaVg

typotheque5 hours ago

@goffredodotcom @justvanrossum Not to forget that we talk about single fonts, and not font families. One font famil… https://t.co/YW3RwfeYlT

ilovetypography10 hours ago

Make the ornament bigger. (1532) https://t.co/HcoGjjnpy5

Monotype18 hours ago

Behind the fonts is a series of designer interviews aimed at highlighting the people and process behind the fonts y… https://t.co/Dg7U7QvVAT

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