ISTD Fellowship

Honorary Fellowship (HonFISTD)

The highest award we can give is that of Honorary Fellowship (HonFISTD).

Nominations are made by members of the ISTD Board and Fellows, and awarded in recognition of outstanding typographic design work, significant contribution to the typographic industry, or service to the ISTD.

Our current Honorary
Fellows are:

  • Andy Altmann
  • Derek Birdsall
  • Margaret Calvert
  • Ivan Cooper
  • Chris Craggs
  • Vince Frost
  • Jost Hochulli
  • Alan Kitching
  • Roger McGough
  • John Miles
  • Robert Miller-Smith
  • Mary Mullin
  • Jim Northover
  • Lucienne Roberts
  • John Sorrell
  • Erik Spiekermann
  • Cal Swann

Previous Honorary Fellows include:

  • Ben Bos (1930–2017)
  • Ivan Chermayeff (1932–2017)
  • Helen Cornish (1944– )
  • Wim Crouwel (1928–2019)
  • Michael Harvey (1931–2013)
  • David Playne (1936–2021)
  • Freda Sack (1951–2019)
  • Warren Lee (1944–2017)
  • Geoff White (1929–2019)

Fellowship (FISTD)

Fellowships are awarded in recognition of professional standing or for services to the ISTD. Fellowships may also be awarded to persons of distinction who are not already Members.

Members or Fellows can make a nomination to the Board for their majority vote. A nomination needs to be supported by three Fellows, of at least two years’ standing, and supported by evidence of the nominee’s work and distinction. Fellows pay the same subscription rates as Members.