Why you should become an ISTD Member

Become part of a worldwide network of like-minded designers, The ISTD currently has members in over twenty countries. Members include Derek Birdsall, Margaret Calvert, Wim Crouwel, Vince Frost, Angus Hyland, Alan Kitching, Lucienne Roberts, Sir John Sorrell, Erik Spiekermann, Astrid Stavro.

Professional qualification
Becoming accepted as a member of the ISTD gives you a professional qualification which is held in great respect by the design industry.

Be part of an amazing typographic heritage which has been promoting excellence in typographic design since 1928. Past members have included Josef Müller-Brockmann, Alan Fletcher, Michael Harvey, Vincent Steer.

Membership criteria
ISTD welcomes applications from all practising typographers, graphic designers and educators who show, by submission of their typographic design work to the ISTD board, or through evidence of competence in their field of activity, that their professional ability has reached the high standard required by the Society, and who agree to uphold the professional aims and ideals of ISTD.

How to apply for membership 
Potential members are required to support their application by submitting their CV with not less than six and not more than ten examples of their typographic design work, including background information on one project. Design concept, typographic competence, creativity, scope and presentation are all considered.

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