Categories of ISTD membership

Member, MISTD
Available to all practising typographers, graphic designers and educators who show, by submission of their typographic design work to the ISTD board, or through evidence of competence in their field of activity, that their work has reached the high standard to qualify for membership of the Society. The post-nominal MISTD is an industry-recognised mark of professional ability.

Candidates for membership will normally be required to submit their CV with a minimum of six and maximum of ten examples of their typographic design work, with background information on one item.

Candidates working solely in design education must support their application with confirmation, from their college or university, that they have been teaching in
 graphic or typographic design education for a minimum of five years.

Membership is also open to design writers, theorists and critics who have a significant involvement in typography and graphic design and can show a high standard of competence in their specialist field. Application should be supported by a CV referencing the candidate's contribution to typography or graphic design in communications industry media.

Evidence to support an application may be written endorsement of two or more members or fellows, or examples of published work.

Membership cost
Annual subscription for members and fellows is currently £100.
Retired members benefit from a concessionary subscription of £25.

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Membership may also be awarded by ISTD board nomination, in recognition of the nominee's professional standing in industry or education, with supporting evidence.

Fellow, FISTD
May be offered to a member nominated for fellowship in recognition of their professional standing, or for services to the Society. Fellowship may also be awarded to an eminent contributor to the field who is not already a member of the Society. Nominations may be made by any member supported by three fellows of at least two years’ standing, citing evidence of the nominee's work and distinction, and ratified by the board. 

Honorary fellowship, HonFISTD
Awarded in recognition of outstanding typographic achievement; or significant contribution to the Society, or the typographic industry as a whole. Nominations for this category are made solely by the ISTD board, and must be supported by five fellows of more than two year’s standing. There is no annual subscription for honorary fellowship. 

Becoming a member through the ISTD Student Assessment
Membership is offered to graduates or postgraduates who successfully complete the ISTD’s annual student assessment scheme, entitling them to use the post-nominal MISTD. 

From April of the year following completion of the Assessment, a reduced annual membership subscription is required, currently £25. Thereafter this rises on a sliding scale leading up to the prevailing full fee in the fourth year of membership. 

Institutional membership for universities and colleges
ISTD welcomes academic involvement in its activities, through institutional membership. For further information see Education. Application for institutional membership should be made to ISTD’s education director